5 Benefits of SIP Trunks

5 Benefits of SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks have emerged as one of the most common types of new technologies within telecommunications. It is easy to see why as they come with a number of benefits. Below, we pick out 5 of the best!


SIP trunks enables users to move office location and keep the same geographic number. Sounds good, right? The best thing though, there are no ongoing call forwarding costs associated or a need
for producing new company stationary, saving further costs! You can add as many numbers as you need, at no extra cost, including geographic numbers for different locations.

Business Continuity

If you encounter an emergency and have to relocate, SIP trunks work efficiently with businesses due to the quick and effective manner of managing SIPs. Calls can be diverted using an online platform, in real time, ensuring your business does not miss any important calls.

Save Money

IP connectivity costs less than ISDN and with lower or even inclusive call costs, free calls between offices and mobiles and a lower line rental charge for multi-sites. As alluded to above, no expensive call forwarding charges are in place either should an office relocation be part of the business plans.

Line Rationalisation

For businesses with multiple sites, SIP trunks provide the opportunity for line rationalisation and reduces the number of phone systems/PBX’s you need to maintain – whilst retaining full control and management of the numbers associated with your business.


SIP trunking provides a phone services that will cope with any situation and provide business grade resilience for your telephony. Whether you need to load balance calls between sites during busy office hours or you need to keep the business running whilst facing a disaster or emergency, SIP trunks will always deliver and support the business.

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