5 Ways Remote Workers Can Benefit From VoIP

5 Ways Remote Workers Can Benefit From VoIP

With the current situation happening in the world, many businesses are now continuing to work from home. For your clients to effectively and effortlessly communicate with other colleagues, clients or suppliers from home, they must adopt the right tools to do it correctly.

This is where VoIP comes in! With VoIP, a business’s employees can answer calls anytime, anywhere, as if they are still in the office, even when they are not.

Here are 5 ways a remote workforce can benefit from utilizing VoIP to its full potential;

  1. Plug & Play – The great thing about a VoIP desk phone, is your clients can plug the phone into any home office with an internet connection, and the phone will still work as though it is still in the office building. This is great for your customers who are having to work from home.
  2. UC Mobile Application – With VoIP, your clients and employees can download the UC soft phone application to their smartphones, laptops and other smart devices. Enabling employees to continue working remotely, as if they were at the office. Alongside taking the office with you, wherever you go. Main features mean people can receive and make calls using their office extension, minimizing the risk of missed calls.
  3. Smart Diverts – This feature allows calls from your client’s office to be instantly diverted to a mobile number with just a click of a button so employees no longer need to be sat at their home desk to receive work calls. It gives the viable option of answering and dialling calls on the go.
  4. Flat Cost – A huge benefit to having your customers use VoIP for remote working is the Flat Cost. Our wholesale VoIP solution comes with inclusive calls to 01, 02, 03 & 07 numbers. Allowing your client’s employees to make work calls without the worry of raking up a phone bill from using their home landline or mobile.
  5. Flexibility –  Another key attribute of VoIP Systems, it provides your customer base with an affordable and efficient alternative telecommunications solution, to enable employees to continue working and communicating with fellow employees and customers whilst working from the comfort of their own home.

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