Business VoIP from Home

Business VoIP from Home

The amount of people working from in the UK has risen to its highest since records began.

Around 4.2 million people now work from home, accounting for 14% of the entire UK workforce.

The majority of around 6.3% are self-employed, whilst the remaining are employed by a company or organisation. The rise in these numbers coincides with the rise in cloud computing technology.
Business VoIP solutions can make it even easier for those working from home.

Use a Softphone

Taking your business telephone home with you, although would be totally functional if you plugged it into your home router, isn’t the most practical solution when working from home. In which case, instead you can download a Softphone for your computer, smartphone or tablet. A Softphone lets you make and receive calls over the internet from a computer or any smart device. The software acts act as a phone interface, allowing you to dial numbers and carry out other phone related functions.

When used in conjunction with your business phone system, a Softphone can be a very important and powerful tool as it enables you to make and receive calls and access your office functionality when away from your traditional office-based desk. All that is needed to operate your Softphone is an internet-enabled device with the application installed on it and you’re ready to make some calls.
To top it off, Softphones are often free to download and use, as well being compatible with several internet telephony providers. Our own employees at Stratus use the app Office UC in conjunction with our VoIP system. The app is free to use and allows users to make and receive calls no matter where they’re located.
It is clear that using a VoIP Softphone can save users time by becoming a more flexible worker. And since Stratus also offer a free 30-day trial on VoIP systems, now is the best time to get one.

If you have a customer looking for a reliable phone system to work from home, consider VoIP and our free Office UC app to solve the problem.
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