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Outsourcing a data centre is a growing trend in the IT industry. Organisations today are now reaping the financial and operational benefits of choosing to co-locate their data. With Stratus Technologies, you can too.


Features & Benefits


As we are a data centre wholesaler, we instigate strict service level agreements. This means that if you choose to co-locate with Stratus, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Our service level agreement is put in place for your protection.



Our high-quality data centre inventory offers our partners the ability to grow. Are you hoping to expand your business in the future? If you co-locate with Stratus, it will be easy and cost-effective to add more servers in the future.



It’s common knowledge that creating distance between your corporate office and your co-location facility reduces many risks, but some business owners are still concerned about their data being far away. This is understandable, however we offer a reliable remote hands service, which means that you won’t need to travel to the facility if you have any maintenance requirements or need assistance. Just call the team and we’ll be here to help.



Because we are wholesalers, we can offer very favourable rates for your co-location requirements. As with our leased lines, we’ve got the best deals on the market and our fantastic service is there to top it off. With hourly service plans, volume discounts and 30-minute billing increments, partners are able to decrease their cost of infrastructure management. We’ve always got great deals on our data centre facilities; register to our portal to find out more.



To protect our partners and their sensitive data, our data centre has leading edge security. As you will already know, the number of data breaches is constantly increasing and laws are getting stricter. While it is still an organisation’s own responsibility to enforce the correct procedures to protect and store their data correctly, co-locating with Stratus significantly reduces risks of breaches and office accidents. With an Argon gas fire suppression system, alarms, reinforced steel doors and more, nobody’s getting in or out of the facility without our say-so. View our speculation document below for more info.



For more information on data centres and co-location, we have some useful blogs here.

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