Getting GDPR ready

Getting GDPR ready

The dreaded 4-letter word – GDPR. Okay, technically an acronym, but we’re all sick of hearing about it, right?

Regardless of whether we are sick of hearing about it, we respect our data and all businesses must comply. At Stratus Technologies, we are getting ourselves ready for it in a number of ways.

1. Unsubscribe Buttons

All staff now have an unsubscribe button on email signatures. This means whenever we do any marketing emails and share relevant information and content to businesses they have the choice to easily remove themselves from our data lists and not hear from us again. Likewise, our monthly newsletters contain an unsubscribe button, though that has always been the case. Both of these unsubscribe buttons link directly through to all Stratus team members and automatically remove their details from our data lists.

2. Centralise data lists

This has been part of a larger project Stratus Technologies have been working on for some time. We built our own customer portal and that contains all our client data. We have however gone one step further by adding our marketing target lists to this also, meaning all business data is within one private and locked area on the portal that only our staff can access. The lists make it easy to identify who is a partner and who is a target as well as any relevant information against them.

3. Communicating with customers and targets

In advance of GDPR, we will be communicating with all existing partners and potential target businesses, telling them why and how we have their data whilst again giving them easy access to remove them from our records. We do not wish to offend or annoy any business and this courteous notification simply outlines why we think communicating with them is relevant whilst allowing them the option to never hear from us again in future.

4. Updating our privacy policy

The final point worth noting is an update to our privacy policy. There is work going on behind the scenes at Stratus with a number of things right now and an updated privacy policy was part of this project. It can be requested by any businesses if they so wish.

Over the coming weeks there will be more done to ensure Stratus Technologies are fully compliant with GDPR. If you want any more details on how we are going on in achieving this then feel free to contact the team.

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