How to improve business broadband speeds

How to improve business broadband speeds

It’s hard to imagine business life without the internet. Over the past 20 years or so, the digital revolution has completely transformed the way we work on a daily basis. Email and web collaboration has become standard operating procedures for business communications.

For most businesses, fast and reliable broadband services means they can make the most of the digital revolution. For those in rural areas, however, or substantial distances from a digital exchange results in poor internet speeds and can prove huge issues. So, what are the options available if your business need good quality internet access?

Start off with an audit of your IT systems and usage. Take the time to really understand where the bottleneck are in your data traffic. You might have cloud backups scheduled during business working hours that are taking up the bandwidth. An employee with a love for downloading movies and music may be preventing staff from using bandwidth for productive reasons.

Next, engage in conversation with your service provider to understand what technologies are available at your location. Even if the ideal solution is not available, you’ll be able to get a rough idea of when the solution is likely to be available and live. This could help for improved forecasting and planning with infrastructure. Ideally you will be looking for a fibre optic connection from the exchange up to your building, however this is often not possible.

For large businesses or those heavily dependent on good communications, considering a dedicated leased line (or managed internet) is worthwhile. These are a far more expensive option but offer superfast and reliable internet access. Costs will vary depending on the exact bandwidth you choose and additional costs be incurred if cables have to be laid. This leaves the question ‘how important and what investment is a strong internet connection worth to my business’ to be answered.

If you have customers who are having struggles and issues like the above, contact us here at Stratus Technologies. We can help provide the solution to your clients whilst improving the reputation and reliability of your own business. Our expert and experienced team will research what is available and suggest a range of solutions.

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