Lift & Shift

Lift & Shift

We understand the pain and inconvenience migrating servers, switches and other equipment to a new DC location can bring. Logistically, it’s an unwanted headache, there is always the fear of what if the equipment doesn’t work properly at the new location and, ultimately, it is time consuming.

Here at Stratus we know the problems it can cause so we have devised a solution to smoothen the process for you and mitigate that inevitable headache.

The solution is our new lift & shift service. It is a straight forward process that simplifies the way DC equipment migrations take place. No longer will you need to sacrifice work commitments as we are here to do the tedious stuff!

  1. Tell us the equipment – Start the process by telling us what equipment you need moving. Whether it is a VoIP system or half a dozen servers, let us know what it is and we can advise on a date and time to arrange collection
  2. We’ll prep the data centre – Once we know the equipment, we will prep a space in our data centre ready for your equipment to move in. We’ll also sort out the smaller tasks that are involved, such as getting necessary IP addresses in place
  3. Collection of equipment – When the previously agreed date for move arrives, you’ll find us at the premises of the equipment ready to take off your hands. You can join us on that journey if you wish, meet us at the data centre later or be completely void of it all and let us do it all
  4. Install and setup equipment – We’ll take the equipment to our data centre and set about installing ready for use again as soon as possible.

Our lift & shift really is a stress free solution for our partners to benefit from. We deliver this service at a time that suits our partners and end client, even if that is out of normal working hours.

Furthermore, our tech team offer a fast, reliable fuss-free remote hands service in our colocation package, which also takes away stress.

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