Our Partner Portal

Our Partner Portal

In March of this year, we launched our partner portal as part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible service to our partners. Dovetailed into our website, the partner portal is used regularly by a number of partners who wish to maximise their working operations and their customer delivery. We continually strive to improve and develop the portal and below you can gain an insight into how it functions.

Why an online portal?

It was quickly identified that buying ICT solutions isn’t a particularly quick process. Most SME’s operating within the IT industry have a process that takes a few working days to obtain a quote for various solutions when in reality it didn’t need to. We wanted to be able to offer our partners a quick and fuss-free way of getting quotes for services to offer their clients.

Another issue we identified was raising and logging faults with ICT solutions. Most of the time customers have to ring into a call centre and speak to someone who takes the necessary details and then you don’t hear anything again for goodness knows how long. We wanted to eliminate this process and give them a simpler and more open way to communicate and track faults.

What exactly does it do?

The partner portal offers customers a number of primary functions. Quoting, logging faults and speed testing.

The biggest feature and most commonly used is the instant quote access. The portal offers partners the ability to instantly get quotes for a range of internet connectivity and colocation solutions. It’s a really simple process and involves the partner inputting a few basic but key details in order.

Partners can also log faults and raise tickets with the technical team. This works similar to an online chat function where users can communicate via instant messages. Automated emails are sent and received to both parties involved when updates to the ticket are made, ensuring partners can always be on top of their customer’s faults.

The final key feature is the speed test function. Partners are able to check the estimated speed of internet connectivity at their customer’s sites by entering postcode and CLI details. The system will feedback any possible and recommended internet connectivity that is available at that site.

The portal also lets partners build a portfolio of their customers, for easy management, store and view old, previous or open quotes, provides all the necessary contact details for different personnel with Stratus and keeps them updated on the latest deals and offering they could pass on to their clients.

So how do partners benefit?

The above has identified a number of key functions and practices that the portal offers to our partners. The main reasoning behind this was our aim to drive a more efficient and simpler solution for ICT businesses to support their clients. Buying, tracking and managing ICT solutions doesn’t have to be a complex process and that is what we are trying to demonstrate with this portal.

We have had plenty of feedback on the portal suggesting that the amount of time our partners save is phenomenal. Businesses know they can log on to the portal at their leisure and instantly obtain quotes for lots of key products. They know that by doing this, they avoid the need to wait around and speak to a team member, therefore benefiting from speed and convenience when comparing prices at any given time. We understand business and that making a purchase decision requires a lot of effort and consideration, so we built our portal to take away that stress and to allow users a fast, reliable and fuss-free experience. Stratus will always be on hand to support and advise partners, but sometimes, a quick search yourself online does the trick!

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