Reconnect With a Leased Line

Reconnect With a Leased Line

It is frustrating isn’t it? When you are trying to have an all-important meeting via Teams or Zoom and the screen says Reconnecting…

Peak times and overall usership can seriously reduce your broadband speeds. If you are trying to manage business as usual, a Fibre connection can only take you so far. Plus, everything is online now, too. Video conferences, meetings, team training, accessing and editing shared documents and folders, even telephone calls via VoIP!

Things are never going to be working at optimum levels, and this doesn’t help your productivity and actually getting things done.

If your connectivity is poor or you do not feel like your business or a customer’s business is getting the right speeds for the price, it might be time to upgrade to a dedicated connection with Stratus.

Stratus Technologies offers wholesale leased lines starting at as little as £199pcm, with speeds up to 10Gb.

A leased line is a private and end to end connection for the premises only, meaning your connection will not waiver during peak times, and no other properties around you will be connected to it. This added stability and security is a must for businesses that require a secure and reliable connection.

With a leased line expect no delay or disconnection on video calls, crystal clear VoIP calls and seamlessly fast uploads of files and documents.

If your customers or yourself need a speed boost to get through the work day, contact the Stratus team for more information or a free no obligation quote