Serious security but your data is worth it!

Serious security but your data is worth it!

We often hear about the threats online from viruses, Trojans, security flaws etc. to name but a few.  We implement software solutions for our customers including antivirus and antimalware to make sure any threats which reach their users machines, do not end up causing a disaster for the company.  We implement hardware firewalls to ensure that the many attempted attacks on their businesses are stopped in their tracks and unauthorised people do not gain access to company data.

We go to all this effort to protect our clients businesses from technological or intangible threats but few people advise their clients of the physical threats to their ICT infrastructure.  How many companies have nominated people who have the keys to the server room?  Do they log who comes and goes from their server room?  How many servers are simply stuck in the corner of an office or in a shared cupboard where anyone can simply switch it off, accidently or otherwise?

I visited one business a few years back who had their main server room door propped open.  When I asked why the door wasn’t securely closed and locked I was told that when it gets hot, they prop the door open as the server room was the only area which was air conditioned and the breeze when the door was opened cooled them down! This company had clearly spent a lot of money on their infrastructure to make sure it was protected from the range of threats online and all of that work could have been undone by a disgruntled employee plugging a USB key into the server or pulling a few cables out, never mind all of their equipment melting!

As you would expect, we take the physical security of our data centre very seriously.  I won’t talk about all of the security features installed but needless to say, your servers and data will be very safe.  Our basic looking building won’t turn any heads and that’s just the way we like it.  You wouldn’t give it a second look if you walked past it, it just looks like any normal office block or industrial unit.  Look a little closer though once the electronic shutters go up and you will notice that the doors are plated with steel and the door frames themselves are made from reinforced steel.  If you haven’t got a key, you are not getting in!

Each room within the data centre is also fully secured and is designed to provide protection from a sustained attempted break in for a long period of time.  Plenty of time for us to get someone onsite and stop them in their tracks.

Next layer of security is the monitored alarm and CCTV systems which alert us immediately if any attempt is made on the facility day or night.  We get alerted by our monitoring company if they detect any suspicious activity.

I’m a massive fan of zombie horror films and watch as many as I can.  The new series of The Walking Dead currently has me stressed out each week and as I watch, I often think as people are running away from the zombies that they could do with a really good data centre like ours.  Think about it and it is the perfect place to hide away; extremely secure, backup power supply, what more could you want?  So you know where I will be when the zombie apocalypse strikes but in the meantime, our data centre would be the ideal place for your server!

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