SOGEA: Biggest Land Grab this Side of 2025 Switch Off

SOGEA: Biggest Land Grab this Side of 2025 Switch Off

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) represents the biggest sales opportunity for partners for the next five years. As many know, the PSTN line shut off commences in 2025, meaning that the remaining businesses still relying on ISDN and PSTN connections will have no other choice than to adopt SoGEA or other forms of broadband, such as leased lines.

Businesses looking for a cheaper, but still reliable, solution with find that SoGEA is the ultimate way to go in order to maintain their conectivity and ability to use most, if not all, of their business functions. SoGEA is the biggest change in the telecoms industry for over 30 years. Connectivity will no longer be supported by traditional copper telephone lines. The future is data only; Single Order broadband such as SoGEA, or Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. 

SoGEA is packed full of benefits that you can’t get with standard broadband packages. SoGEA faults are resolved much quicker since customers only need to provide one support call to their provider. Since some users use one provider for their phone line and another for their broadband, SoGEA negates more than one call. This enables easier home and school working solutions. The simplified ordering and support means there is no need for a SIM to be provided, nor a duel fault journey. 

SoGEA is not available everywhere but it is available to 28 million premises across the UK.

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