SoGEA: The future of broadband has arrived

SoGEA: The future of broadband has arrived

You may have heard of the term SoGEA, but might be wondering what exactly is it?

SoGEA which stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access is a new Openreach product that enables providers to order FTTC without the need of having to order a phone line along with it to enable the FTTC –everything you need is provided within a single order.  The launch of SoGEA is a massive change to the broadband and telecoms industry as it will bring a big shakeup that telecom providers cannot ignore.

Why SoGEA?

Millions of businesses across the UK currently get their broadband through a PSTN line. However, in the world of technology today there is an increasing number of businesses that now only have this fixed line because their broadband must work. With the advancement and cost-effectiveness of mobile handsets and VoIP and the nationwide rollout of full-fibre networks, there is a much less requirement for old phone services.

SoGEA was created in response to this shift in usage so both consumers and businesses can get a broadband connection without the need for a phone line. Instead, your customers can get a voice service on a SoGEA line, however, it will need to be an IP-based solution like VoIP or SIP.

How Does SoGEA Remove the need for a PSTN line?

It is necessary for most if not all businesses to buy phone service and line rental because broadband is traditionally included as an optional extra on top of phone service and copper line rental. Now, ISPs are removing the stipulation that you pay for a voice service and line rental as well as broadband, which will make your broadband slightly cheaper. The only exception to this rule is when businesses have a full-fibre connection, such as fibre to the premises. FTTP can already be purchased in a data-only variant.

SoGEA also delivers streamlined single order and fault journeys when compared with WLR plus Broadband services, greatly simplifying the experience of delivering and supporting the products for your customers, as well as future-proofing them ahead of the PSTN withdrawal.

SoGEA will undoubtedly be an important and necessary feature for broadband in the next couple of years by simultaneously providing convenience and savings for businesses.