The new GDPR and how we can help

The new GDPR and how we can help

With new GDPR coming into force in May next year businesses should be starting to look at how to abide by the new laws. Policies and procedures should be put in place otherwise hefty fines can be given to businesses.

We have put together some basic starter points with some tips on how we can help businesses through using the Data Centre. Take a look through and get in touch if you want to discuss it further.

The Basics

If you are forced to be in serious breach of the new law you could be fined up to €20M or 4% of your global turnover, whichever is higher.

Your data processors could be liable for high fines under the new GDPR. With individual’s rights being empowered, you need to review how you obtain, use and store personal data.

Over 80% of businesses that suffer a major disruption never fully recover, with most going out of business within two years.

Just because we’re leaving the EU doesn’t mean we aren’t affected. If we store any data of individuals in the EU we have to follow the GDPR.

Small companies still have to follow the GDPR, regardless of the amount of employees or customers you have. Small companies are targeted by hackers too.

The Solution

We are an organisation who can offer advanced security for your sensitive data.

It would be sensible to consider locating some kit completely off-site that can continue to run your business in the event of any disaster.

By using our data centre you would eliminate the risks of office accidents and data thieves destroying or stealing your data, therefore significantly decreasing your risk of a data breach which would result in huge fines.

Our data centre is compliant with all EU privacy laws and regulations, so you can have the confidence that your data is safe with us.

Take advantage of our high levels of security to reduce vulnerability and risks of data breach.

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