Veeam me up, Stratus

Veeam me up, Stratus

Wholesale communications specialist Stratus Technologies have today announced their latest product offering – Veeam Cloud Connect.

Working with data backup experts Veeam, Stratus will be offering their partners a range of data backup, disaster recovery and intelligent data management solutions for virtual, physical and multi-cloud infrastructures.

The launch of this solution comes off the back of months of research and planning to ensure a fit-for-purpose product to launch to partners.

Veeam are a global brand trusted by over 350,000 customers worldwide. Their expertise and knowledge on data security and backup is second to none and sound vendor to partner with for such a key IT product offering.

Dale Waring, Stratus Technologies operations director, has said “launching our new data backup product in conjunction with Veeam is the next logical step in our product offering.

“We have a loyal partner base that look to us for trust and comfort in providing high quality communications and data centre solutions and I am delighted we are able to offer this new product to them to use for their clients”.

Offering the solution to clients now ensures full confidence and knowledge that their end users key data and information is securely backed up and housed in our Teesside based data centre, particularly by making the most of the 3-2-1 rule.

Stratus join a finite number of other firms in the North East region to deliver Veeam solutions. Veeam restrict access of their products to IT partners rather than direct to end users.

Stratus are offering a 30-day trial of the solution to existing partners and new businesses looking to engage.