Why use ISDN?

Why use ISDN?

ISDN is a communications technology that is used less and less as VoIP grows more. That isn’t to say there is no requirement or a place in the market for ISDN however.

Why use ISDN?

ISDN is fast and it is flexible. It eliminates restrictions and problems that are associated with converting digital signals to analog signals, and then transmitting them over an analog connection. You can use ISDN as a high speed connection to the internet, to a network and even another PC.

Faxes are near obsolete forms of communicating with others in mainstream but are used within some industries, and they can be sent via ISDN. In fact, you can send fax, computer data and video communications all over the same ISDN line. It is possible to connect several different types of devices to your ISDN interface and use them simultaneously. ISDN offers a big improvement in communications when compared to using a modem over an analog telephone lines.

What other benefits exist with ISDN?

It is possible to make calls to any number of remote locations or effectively use it similarly to a ‘leased line’. An ISDN can be used in either a switched or nonswitched mode. What this means is a switched mode allows users to make calls whenever and where’re and for as long as required. In nonswitched mode the user has a ‘permanent’ connection that is always open and available. That connection could be to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or to a remote local area network (LAN), hundreds of miles away.

ISDN also has a very low error rate in comparison to analog technology. Data transmitted over ISDN connections suffers far less corruption.

Is ISDN the best choice of telecommunications for me then?

Without knowing the complete scenario it’s impossible to say. Some argue that ISDN shouldn’t be used anymore and should be replaced with VoIP – and we’ll probably get to a stage where that happens. But that won’t be overnight and, as explained above, there are enough strengths and reasons to use ISDN technology for your communications right now.


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