Advantages of colocation compared to on-site hosting

Advantages of colocation compared to on-site hosting

You may have customers who are potentially looking at Colocation as a possible solution to host their vital data, particularly if any of those customers currently store their data on their own premises. We often face a range of questions from our partners in regards to the infrastructure choices of their customers so we thought we’d put together a list of some of the common issues your customers may face when deciding between Colocation and storing their data on site to help make it easier to choose between the two solutions.

In many cases, Colocation can offer businesses several advantages when it comes to the management of their data and overall business continuity. Let’s look at some of the advantages of Colocation in more detail:


The main advantage of offering Colocation is the availability of your clients data at all times, datacentres take necessary precautions to ensure data is available at all times. There are emergency auto failovers available in case of emergencies and offer SLA recovery times.

Data Centres also have additional arrangements in place providing additional energy connections that enter the data centre aswell and failover internet connections ensuring there is no downtime and making sure that all the servers and data stored within the data centre is always secure and readily available should the customer require access to their data.

Business continuity

In a datacentre all the servers and data are protected against disasters such as fire, flooding, power outages etc. Precautions are also taken to ensure that the hardware does not overheat, air conditioning centrally controls the temperature within the datacentre and cooling systems prevent the temperature from rising to dangerous levels.

If you provide Colocation to your customers, it will also be easier to create a fall-back scenario for emergency situations. This enables your customers to continue working from a temporary location in case of a disaster i.e. a fire within their office.


Storing a business’s servers/data in a datacentre instead of having them stored solely onsite the businesses premise provides a number of different, yet equally important, types of security to limit access, protect vital data against any physical attacks, and keep the servers safe from intruders or disasters. These measures include 24/7 video surveillance and alarm monitoring, cabinets equipped with tumbler locks, fire suppression and more.


Colocation provides additional advantages over onsite data storage when bandwidth is concerned. It is easier to scale when using a datacentre than on premise, and the costs of upscaling broadband if required are lower with Colocation compared to a business having to upgrade their own broadband to handle their data storage requirements.

Costs of datacentre operations

Setting up and maintaining availability, continuity, security, and scalability on a premise can be quite expensive. In a datacentre, these services and costs are shared between other users helping to make it a more affordable option for you to offer to your customer base.

IT management

Generally, using Colocation lowers the TCO (total cost of ownership) compared to a business hosting their servers and data onsite. This includes lower costs for IT management within the business and allowing more time to concentrate on company specific tasks, innovation, and achieving business goals.

In general Colocation is often a better option than for many businesses compared to on premises hosting both in terms of cost, security and resource allocation. Offering Colocation as a data storage solution can provide both yourself and your clients a host of benefits including, experience, knowledge and resources of the hosting provider. Additionally, the costs of running your own datacentre are usually high, and often will not show a return on investment unless you can reach the necessary scale. Because of these factors, using a wholesale supplier to offer colocation is often an attractive option for many IT & Communications businesses.

At Stratus we have our own datacentre based in Teesside and offer our partners Colocation solutions starting from only £75 per month plus the first 3 months free. If you have customers who are in need of Colocation or you’re looking for a wholesale supplier to offer data centre solutions to your customer base then call 01642 697777 or email to speak with a member of the Stratus team today!