SoGEA: Introducing the Broadband of Tomorrow

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SoGEA: Introducing the Broadband of Tomorrow

With the announcement of the withdrawal of WLR, the traditional delivery of voice and other services across the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) will come to an end. A stop sell of these services will take effect from 2023 with the complete withdrawal by December 2025. The withdrawal of the PSTN significantly changes how broadband will be delivered, i.e. the broadband service will no longer require a PSTN line, but rather the broadband service becomes the underlying technology to deliver data and over the top IP services such as Voice over IP (VoIP), enabling the transition to a true digital IP solution.

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) are new broadband packages which uses the same technology as FTTC with the exception that it does not require a PSTN line to be enabled. SoGEA offers the same data rates, performance, and technology as FTTC and is available in the same geographic areas giving businesses a IP solution broadband service to meet the demands and reliance for today’s and future connectivity solutions.

New Single Order Broadband Solutions

Below is a diagram showing the broadband products to be withdrawn and their like-for-like transition to the new Single Order Broadband variants:

The advantages of SoGEA are:

  • Cheaper Costs:

The combined cost of a phone line and broadband is slightly more expensive than SoGEA – but this does vary from provider to provider

  • Quicker Fix Times:

Faults can now be resolved much quicker since the customer only needs to provide one support call to their provider. Since some users use one provider for their phone line and another for their broadband, SoGEA negates more than one call. Enables easier home working solutions.

  • More reliable:

Since there is no traditional phone line frequencies being used, there is less of a chance of interference and an unstable connection.

Where is SoGEA Available?

SoGEA is not available everywhere but it is available to 28 million premises across the UK. It will become more and more common over the next few months (October 2020). To find out if it is available in your area or for a customer, contact Stratus where we can give you a free, no-obligation quote or call us on 01642 697777