Why Your Customers Need Fibre

Why Your Customers Need Fibre

If your customer is requiring broadband connectivity, the main cost effective and reliable option is Fibre.

A lot of things drive the need for fast broadband. Today, the main one is usually a desire to be able to stream in good quality without lots of annoying pauses for buffering. It’s almost essential if you want to watch 4K or ultra-high definition (UHD) video instead of HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p).

As the world currently stands, whether working from home or in the office, staying connected is also incredibly vital. Being able to upload and download files as well as email information quickly is important to the functions of business and getting work done. How often do we check emails, download documents, send files, attend video and conference calls, visit vendor websites or upload data to cloud-based storage? This makes broadband our most important communication and information tool.

A business’ broadband platform makes a difference on whether a company can keep up with customer demands, compete in their markets and stay relevant. Speed matters to your clients and customers. Fibre is easily capable of speeds of 1Gbps. With that fast of a connection, employees can send emails faster, send files faster, download large attachments and upload information quickly. That saves time and money. A slow connection makes an impact externally, also.

Not all businesses and customers need 1Gb. 50Mbps or 100Mbps can work well for smaller businesses or those who don’t consume as much bandwidth day-to-day. Whatever is required, broadband delivered over a fibre network can be easily adjusted to accommodate growth needs without additional hardware.

The increased speed alone ensures increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Fibre also comes with far fewer maintenance requirements than other broadband platforms. Fibre is no longer just a telecommunications industry buzzword. It’s a widely available, viable internet service option. Its positive impact on the bottom line demonstrates just how valuable it is to the future of business.

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